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Song Writing

The art of writing great songs can be a completely freeing experience. It's a way to wind your heart into the music your working with. Music can act as a masquerade for words and melody that charm each fill and riff.

I try to guide each artist to the essence of his or her unique sound, keeping true to their artistic integrity, however a spare pair of trained ears is invaluable when song writing. Are we really fulfilling our vocal potential when we decide on a melody. Are we taking enough chances vocally? Have we heard all the possibilities? Do you know your unlimited potential?

It's all there. Keep control and lose yourself.

Discovering The Process

Discovering The Process

  • Start easy! Get a pocket book, write down all those cool thoughts, cutting remarks you'd love to say but can't, romantic intentions, revolutionary ideals. From the right phraze, a whole song.
  • Get the right structure. Hooks and flow are integral to good songwriting.
  • Find out you're vocal range. Are you using everything you have in your vocal arsenal?
  • Check out your options. Licks, trills and harmonies can make a good song great.
  • Analyze your phonetics. Can you add words and syllables to create movement? Do you need to take some out?

Each individual has unique challenges that can block the process of creation. These can also be addressed. Sometimes it just takes another view to hand the keys to the song that's become your source of frustration.

Intention is the determining factor for a song with maximum appeal and the rewards that come with that. I look forward to helping anyone who would like that for themselves.