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Group Singing

'Group singing is cheaper than therapy, healthier than drinking, and certainly more fun than working out. It is the one thing in life where feeling better is pretty much guaranteed.'

There is nothing better for team and community building than singing together. It's one of our most primal forms of communication. Endorfins are released and a group of very different individuals join under a many coloured banner of sound.

Humans are born with an understanding of harmonics and when we work together we can create a breath taking sound whether we are seasoned singers or absolute beginners. Group singing encourages the most modest individuals to shine and the most fearful to gain confidence.

Though blueprint tracks are provided to participants Angelic Sounds has an intuitive approach to group singing and participants are encouraged to experiment and create their own individual group sound.



Group Singing For Businesses

  • Bring your team together. Singing provides that gel. Whether you have a floor filled with divas and divos or a shy and retiring workforce when we get together with the right song laughter and harmony ensue.
  • Start a choir to represent your business.
    • All parts are recorded and available on the website to download and practise at home.
  • Write your own songs. Vocal workshops run to get everyone creative and excited about your projects.
  • Group vocal lessons. Learning techniques for great singing can be the best way to lose those inhibitions.
  • Lessons and rehearsals can be given both in your workplace or at a professional rehearsal/recording studio.
  • Get it down! Record all that hard work and fun. Working in conjunction with Glasgow Music Studios we have access to state of the art recording facilities and an amazing and friendly staff.

In every business are shining stars waiting to be discovered and hidden talents. The fun for us is  bringing everyone out of their shell and together towards one common goal-the joy of sound.


Group Singing For Communities

  • Singing can bring diverse communities of all ages together, whether in a workshop or a choir no matter the vocal ability of the individuals.
  • Create REAL harmony in your community. Group singing provides a healthy release of endorfins and creates oportunities for new friendships and bonds.
  • Song writing workshops can be developed and tailored to your communities current project.
  • Singing is a great way to get healthy both mentally and physically working the core and relaxing the body, allowing for healthy release of your emotions.
  • Finally after all your hard work stage a community show so that friends and loved ones can enjoy all the hard work everyone has put in and come together.


Group Singing Masterclasses and Workshops

Available on request.