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Schools and Community

Singing For Schools And Community Youth Clubs


Glee Clubs and Choirs

 Glee Clubs and Contemporary Choirs

  • Glee Clubs and Contemporary Choirs can be brought together on location.
  • All parts for each song will be avilable on the website to practice at home.
  • A mixture of learning about form, tone, pitching, style and harmony.
  • Contemporary songs to challenge and inspire.
  • Options for drama and dance coaches to be incorporated into the end performance.

Music Projects

 Music Projects

It's always great to be able to wind a music project into an existing English or Music sylabus and we can communicate with your teachers to make sure the project flows seemlessly into their lessons. Music projects can span covering existing contemporary music to creating completely new works based on the needs of the school. Below is a selection of ideas that can be incorporated into your projects. Professional musicians are on hand to support and inspire the kids.

  • The art of song writing and structure. Phonetics within a set beat. Looking at social issues within the kids lives to inspire songs.
  • Discovering melody
  • Discovering genres
  • Beat boxing
  • Vocal training
  • Performance skills




Smaller workshops are available incorporating:

  • Understanding genre
  • Vocal Technique
  • Harmonics
  • Song Writing
  • Vocal mapping (perfect pitch)
  • Performance skills
  • Beat boxing

And Finally ......


Performance opportunities.

  • Learning to successfully perform is one of the indispensable experiences in voice lessons. It's the make or break moment that really encourages kids to focus at home and to come out of their shells at school and with each other.
  • We encourage students to sing for their parents and even friends, if they are comfortable with it. Finally, holding a recital at the end of each project and workshop.