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Its never too early to start singing lessons. Teaching children correct vocal habits will serve them for the rest of their lives. Voice lessons help with increased self esteem and confidence in school and their are now studies that prove that musical abilities increase other abilities such as maths.

Angelic sounds encourages correct form from the beginning delivered in a format that suits each individual student and any group we work with. Angelic sounds teachers are all PVG holders and well experienced in working with young and older children. 


Kids Solo Lessons

Kids Solo Lessons

All our kids lessons are delivered with humour and professionalism to make sure your child enjoys the experience as much as they learn.

  • How does your body work? Anatomy of the voice lesson encompassing breath, power and resonance.
  • How do we sing it? We look at vowel sounds and shapes in the mouth.
  • How can I be confident? A great lesson for all children but shy kids who need that little bit of encouragement or victims of bullying benefit hugely from this lesson.
  • How can you sing with power? With movement and breath control we look at how our core affects our pitch and levels.
  • What is resonance? We look at our points of resonance and understand how physical stance affects the resonance of our tone.
  • Where do your notes live? This lesson focuses on vibration and teaches how to map our sounds. The beginning of perfect pitch.
  • What's in your mouth? We take a look inward and see what areas in our mouths we use for resonance and pitching and how we can effect and manipulate the shapes in our mouths.

These are some sample ideas of lessons.  The beauty of the human voice is completely individual and thereby presents unique challenges. We tailor each lesson so that your child can shine brightly while having loads of fun discovering just how amazing they are.

Simple Lesson Guidelines

  • Begin each lesson with some simple stretches and posture exercises encorporating the breath.
  • Not only is this important to teach the child to sing with good posture, but it actually teaches them how to properly participate in a voice lesson by giving them simple, achievable tasks to succeed.
  • Scales are the times tables of the singing lesson but these are given in an original and enjoyable way. We keep it fresh but productive.
  • Children are very kinesthetic and love to do physical activities.
  • Phonetics and resonance.
  • Breathing coordination and strengthening.
  • Vibrational awareness and relaxation.


Schools and Community

Singing For Schools And Community Youth Clubs

 Glee Clubs and Contemporary Choirs

  • Glee Clubs and Contemporary Choirs can be brought together on location.
  • All parts for each song will be avilable on the website to practice at home.
  • A mixture of learning about form, tone, pitching, style and harmony.
  • Contemporary songs to challenge and inspire.
  • Options for drama and dance coaches to be incorporated into the end performance.

 Music Projects

It's always great to be able to wind a music project into an existing English or Music sylabus and we can communicate with your teachers to make sure the project flows seemlessly into their lessons. Music projects can span covering existing contemporary music to creating completely new works based on the needs of the school. Below is a selection of ideas that can be incorporated into your projects. Professional musicians are on hand to support and inspire the kids.

  • The art of song writing and structure. Phonetics within a set beat. Looking at social issues within the kids lives to inspire songs.
  • Discovering melody
  • Discovering genres
  • Beat boxing
  • Vocal training
  • Performance skills


Smaller workshops are available incorporating:

  • Understanding genre
  • Vocal Technique
  • Harmonics
  • Song Writing
  • Vocal mapping (perfect pitch)
  • Performance skills
and finally ......

Performance opportunities.

  • Learning to successfully perform is one of the indispensable experiences in voice lessons. It's the make or break moment that really encourages kids to focus at home and to come out of their shells at school and with each other.
  • We encourage students to sing for their parents and even friends, if they are comfortable with it. Finally, holding a recital at the end of each project and workshop.


Party Time!

 Kids Music Parties

At Angelic Sounds we make parties educational as well as fun while the kids feel like pop stars.

  • Full vocal lesson around a song of the birthday boy or girl's choice.
  • Music Games.
  • Option to record at Glasgow Music Studios.
  • Option for dance lesson with a professional dance coach.
  • Complete performance for the parents at the end.