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Vocal Care


Vocal care remains an important but overlooked area for most singers. Once you start your vocal journey your body is an instrument. Caring for yourself is caring for your voice. Put the emphasis on vocal care and come gig night your fans and your band will thank you. Here are my top tips for taking care of your voice.

Take your time and have patience, sometimes our bodies just need us to stop for a minute,so don’t rush. Correct vocal care has brought the most damaged voices back to top form, so don’t lose hope either. Follow these careful instructions toward vocal therapy and you will be back on form in no time.

Pros and Cons of vocal health

Respect Your Body

Good vocal health is like good hygiene.

  • What you eat, drink and smoke will impact your vocal health.
  • It's tough abstaining when the rest of the band are kicking off after a gig but if you are touring or have a rigorous gig schedule you're fans will thank you when you sound incredible the next day.
  • Listen to your body. If you feel those glands going up I'm a huge fan of echinacea drops for your immune system, gargle sage tea(add honey for flavour,) hot water with optional lemon and honey, essential oils have provided lots of relief, good old paracetamol for emergencies but I try to go for natural remedies if I can. If you're Glasgow based Woodland Herbs have made me and my family some dynamite tinctures in the past.
  • A good sleep pattern.
  • Stay away from junk food, highly processed foods and too much sugar and salt.
  • Eat more citrus foods, water, water, water, honey, tea, steam rooms or vocal steamming, fruits, vegetables, and exercise at least three times a week.

Vocal Excercises

Vocal Exersizes

The third step towards great vocal health remains discrete vocal exersizes. check out how to do these exercises properly so that you may slowly over time build your voice back. Give yourself some time and your voice will come back.
You should practice these exercizes no more than one hour per day and 3 times a week until you recieve clearance from the doctor that you are O.K. By then you should feel that your voice is back up to par and you can sustain a greater workload.

 Gentle Exersizes

  • vocal fry
  • mm,mm, mm
  • gee, gee, gee

Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies

I'm all about the natural remedies and the sooner the better. If you are Glasgow based try Woodland Herbs or a similar qualified herbalist for a tincture or tea to get you well quickly. http://www.woodlandherbs.co.uk/ 

  • Steam is a great remedy be careful if you are adding essential oils and use the advice of a trained practitioner.
  • Get on fenugreek, ginseng, green tea, or a blended herb tea.
  • Any herb that improves circulation and decongests the sinuses will improve your tone quality and range immensely.
  • I swear by echinacea liquid drops
  • Good old warm water by the pint and some more water
  • If your voice is hoarse and you would like faster relief, then blend carrots, celery, parsely, and cucumbers together and enjoy it with a piece of bread.
  • Most importantly, let your voice rest.

These are some remedies that have worked for me. Your voice is your fortune so take good care of it!

In Case of Emergency

In Case Of Emergency

Sometimes what's wrong is worse than a cold or the flu in this case I advise visiting your doctor. You can also reasearch to find a vocal specialist close to you. A vocal specialist is a good way to start because they are equipt to inform you of any damages due to problems you may be having because of acid reflux, swollen vocal nodules, or damaged chords. Once you receive your diagnosis, you can go about finding the solution that is right for you.