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Vocal Training

I'm here to support.

The steps to taking your art form more seriously or just to begin to embrace the fact that you have a voice you want to be heard takes courage and I never cease to be humbled by my clients and how they're passionate desire to sing overrides their fear of rejection. Exposing our singing voice is akin to exposing our souls.

We are all born to sing.  It is an expression of joy. It doesn't come easy for us all though. Life and criticism can get in the way and damage our natural youthful desire to sing. We compare ourselves to others and decide we're not good enough. That singing is only for the lucky naturals. I've made it my mission to de-mystify the art of singing so that everyone from absolute beginners to professionals can sharpen their ear and perfect their pitch in a completely natural way.

In the time I've been teaching I've had the pleasure of coming across an array of vocal issues. These range from mild issues like the need for a little more accuracy and resonance to what a layman would call tone deafness. The latter I found most interesting to work with as it seemed to hold major keys as to how the human body created pitch and sound. I'm happy to say that it is completely solvable with enough practise patience and determination. I have had the great benefit of really amazing students who believed in the process and who have come on this facinating journey with me to finding their long hidden voice and their power.

The mind is like a field of long grass and you have been going through that grass one way and every now and again you hit thorns and get stuck. The groove has been set into the grass though and you can't see another way through. My job is to act as a guide to show you another way, then together we walk through the long grass and cut a new path.

There is nothing more exhilarating knowing you have the power to create phenomenal, soaring sound. This incredible machine, this incredible instrument that we take for granted every time we speak! I try to guide each student to the essence of his or her unique sound,accessed through a clear and open instrument. To achieve this, your body and mind need to be in harmony.

This is a process!


Complete Beginners

Complete Beginners

If you are not sure of where your sound comes from, your pitching is hit and miss and every correct note seems like luck. On top of all this, the thought of singing puts you in sweats, knots in the stomach and a horrible fear of judgement. 

I love to work with beginners. I pride myself on my ability to support people. To be a cheerleader, a guide even a karaoke partner if necessary. You're never alone when we're working.  Everyone can sing, some people take longer than others but with the right level of dedication you can rewire yourself to sing with perfect pitch and tone and the beauty of starting your vocal journey with me at the beginning is every step is a step in the right direction.

You may have what I fondly refer to as 'vocal dysmorphia.' What you hear from yourself with distain is actually really lovely. No matter who says they like it, there's always a voice inside telling you they are being insincere. That your voice is never enough. There are techniques that you can use to learn to appreciate your voice and enjoy performing and eventually you'll be singing your head off. Singing is a journey of the soul as much as the skill and it's one of the great parts of my job helping people to appreciate all that they are.

Feel free to get in contact to sort out a vocal M.O.T which I'm running at Glasgow Music Studios to help quickly assess whats happening with your voice and if you wish send in a recording to my vocal evaluation page and I can give you a free and honest opinion to help you work out where you should be.

 Discovering Your Voice

  • Body awareness and relaxation
  • Tuning out your negativity. That little voice in your head that gets in the way everytime you want to practise? I pass on the keys to shutting that evil twin up and making him or her your best friend.
  • Anatomy of singing.
  • Correct breathing technique.
  • Physical and aural awareness of root note, harmony and off key
  • Rewiring your pitch through stepped short scales
  • Kinetic scales
  • Awareness of the 4 points of resonance
  • Vocal Mapping is a term I coined for learning to navigate your body.  Every note has a place within your body. In this way we learn to dance inside.
  • Work on songs you love to apply all the tricks you learn along the way.

Each individual has unique challenges that can block the voice on many levels. These can also be addressed. My approach is a holistic one.



So you sing well but you get stuck every now and again. You'd like to sound richer. You'd like to nail those high notes to the floor but they come out sounding scattered and thin. Your low notes are a throat tensing trial. There's trouble linking one register to the next. These amongst others are intermediate issues and with a bit of guidance and practise and cheering from the sidelines we can get through whatever comes up.

Feel free to send in a recording to my vocal evaluation page and I can give you a free, gentle and honest opinion to help you work out where I could help you most.

 Discovering Your Voice

  • Extend your vocal range
  • Alleviate vocal tension
  • Develop a consistent and full sound
  • Develop natural vibrato
  • Connect your registers

 Discovering High Notes

  • Expand the range of the voice
  • Erase vocal breaks and create smooth transitions
  • Relax the voice & eliminate tension
  • Introduce new exercises to build and challenge your ear and vocal coordination
  • Free your larynx and enrich tonal quality

 Discovering Vocal Power

  • Strengthen the foundations of your voice.
  • Connect to your internal power.
  • Free your spirit through your voice
  • Strengthen the connection from chest to head voice.
  • Develop and strengthen your low registers.
  • Warm down

 Discovering Vocal Freedom

  • Singing Vibrato while sustaining connected notes in your head, chest and mix.
  • Disengage the muscles that restrict your voice from singing freely.
  • Relax the voice to sing with ease of speech.
  • Putting your heart and mind into your performance.

Discovering Melody

  • Begin connecting the technique to melody through songs you love
  • Convert exercises to short, popular, melodic phrases so you begin to make application.
  • Overcoming issues within chosen pieces.

Discovering Harmony

  • The feel of perfect tone
  • The shapes we make harmonically
  • Listening for the negative space to find the harmonic tones within the root tone
  • Holding root note while hearing harmony
  • Singing harmony in a vocal jam

 Discovering Mastery

  • To begin sustaining open vowels without falling out of the mix into your chest voice.
  • I will introduce you to some very difficult scales that will encourage a deeper flexibility, a greater release, deeper freedom, and a path towards mastery.
  • Advanced development of the ear


Advanced Singing

This course is aimed at you lucky naturals that have it in spades but need the odd touch up. The professionals who want new strings to their bow or help with auditions or recordings and those who have graduated with me up through the earlier stages. Below are examples of lessons but each course is tailored to the abilities of the individual and their needs.

If you are unsure as to your level send in a recording to my vocal evaluation page or contact me directly to organise a free vocal MOT at Glasgow Music Studios and I can give you a free, gentle and honest opinion to help you work out what stage your at and how we can work together to bring out your best.

 Discovering The Light Voice

  • Discover a light chest voice without flipping into falsetto.
  • Head voice into light mix, which will further more develop a gentle precision in the voice.
  • Be able to transfer from one coordination to the next. From light mix to head and then head voice back into light mix without any perceivable break or sudden shift in resonance.

 BASIC Licks, Trills, & Runs

  • Establish the presence of marcado in your trills in order to embellish your melody.
  • Learn how to Establish the Melody. Then add the Trills.

 Discovering ADVANCED Licks, Trills, & Runs

  • Learn how to improvise over the top of anything.
  • Improve your slides and runs
  • Teach you how to sing minor pentatonic scales over a major chord progression, the key to deep soulfulness.

 Discovering Your Sound

  • Learn how to find and create your unique tone for style through diversity.
  • Discover several styles and their stylistic differences.
  • Discover the common relationship between various styles.

 Discovering Stylistic Subtleties

  • The application of licks and glottal strokes
  • Quirky timing or sensible timing
  • Phrasing, licks, commercial singing secrets, the articulation tour and possibilities you may never have thought about

 Discovering Musical Genres

  • I teach all styles with the exception of thrash metal and opera. Thoughout the advanced course if you are interested I like to introduce new music from different genres with a view to exploring each genre. We look at challenging pieces and discuss each singer’s approach to song's. Even in an advanced class you're always learning. The do’s and don’ts of each genre. These rules, the do’s and don’ts are made to be broken but you have to know the rules to break them. These will be the guidelines to each style. In the end, you choose to sing the song however you’d like. Most styles are hybrids of many genres anyway but versatility breeds flexibility. So don’t get trapped into one sound.

 Discovering Improvisation

  • You will learn a series of scales, sung over chord progressions, that will connect your creative side and intellectual side.
  • Listen as singers use different vowels, humming, words, or scatting patterns (short simple phrases) to create completely different styles of improvisation. This will open your mind to multiple possibilities so that you will not be bound to singing one style where you’re only singing trills or slides or only certain vowel sounds, or certain tones.

Discovering Your X Factor

  • The following exercises are a listening master class. This master class this is a total different format. We enter the recording studio,. I take singers through a couple of songs and make suggestions as they sing the song, breaking up each line and giving them the commercial secrets that I’ve given to multiple successful artists that I’ve worked with. As you do these exercises ask yourself this question, “what can I do differently?”